A Division of the Rakowski Group

Rakowski Energetics and Engineering is an arm of the Rakowski Group specializing in explosive demolition and design. With offices in Winnipeg and Los Angeles we are able to offer demolition blast design,  consultation and engineering throughout North America.  Our team of professional engineers plan each project based on client needs and environmental and regulatory requirements.  Our highly qualified explosive technicians will execute a project from conceptual planning and design to final blast demolition of any sized structure. The firm employs personnel with vast experience and problem solving abilities gleaned though decades of operational experience in industry, military and EOD backgrounds. With a view of advancing this discipline,  Rakowski Energetics and Engineering invests heavily in research and development in blast and charge design and overall explosive engineering.  Regardless of project size or complexity, our team can be relied upon to formulate a successful design and safely execute any project with utmost professionalism.